Our new Gi concept lets you build your own custom BJJ Gi/Kimonos online. You will do this by choosing multiple options divided into different sections, filling out a custom Gi form with every detail following an easy step-by-step guide.

The experience also lets you design your Gi in “Gi Designing Kit” and you get to decide. Most parts of filling and submitting custom BJJ Gi request form is easy to process but there are some detail facts that customer must keep in mind before place the custom Gi order. The following guidelines will assist you during placing the order.

Custom BJJ Gi Options:

There are several Custom made Gi options we offer.

  • This gives you many custom options for designing a stylish kimono at a very fair price with reasonable build time.
  • We offer different fabric weaves along with colors in different GSM from time to time for fulfilling the requirement of beginners, practitioners, and professionals. All fabrics are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk material, Sulfurize, Mercerized, and Anti-Bacterial treated.
  • You are able to modify size dimensions for the total sleeve length, Gi top height, and total pant length. Furthermore. We also offer large sizing options.
  • We also offer Best fit Existing Gi and Body Measurements Sizes options for Larger or Special sizing.
  • We offer Free custom-made belt and Free drawstring Gi satin bag in custom made Gis.


The Fabric weaves which we use in constructing the Gi are 100% cotton, pre-shrunk material, Sulfurize, Mercerized, and Anti-Bacterial treated. But as you know Cotton is a natural fiber “the fabric is alive” meaning that sweat and moisture affect it, which become the cause of shrinks and expands of cotton. Therefore even pre-shrunk treated there is always the chance of shrinkage. Our Top and Pant fabric weaves could shrink at the following rate: Gi Top Fabric Shrinkage Rate: 2-3% Gi Pant Fabric Shrinkage Rate: 2-3%

Custom Sizing & Measuring

Our goal is to produce for you a Gi that is about 1 inch plus or minus from your requested measurement. We recommend always adding a little more to compensate for differences in regards to shrinkage and the production process. We usually detect the measurement but you need to account for the fact that humans are making these Gis and they are made out of a fabric that is inherently unstable. Shrinks in the wash/dry cycle and also reacts to changes with sweat and moisture.

Standard Sizing

We have the Guidelines based on body weight on the Size Chart page for selecting the right size for you.
To ensure you know what you are getting you can check our Standard Size page.


There are two options for taking measurements having following steps:


Gestalten Sie Ihren vorhandenen Gi so, dass er Ihnen gefällt, auf einer ebenen Fläche und mit einem Schneidermaßband notieren Sie und füllen Sie die Maßwerte aus.

Sleeve Cuff To Sleeve Cuff
Ärmellänge von links nach rechts gemessen.

Gemessen vom UNTEN oder Ansatz des Kragens bis zum Rockende.

Gemessen von links nach rechts unter der Achselhöhle zur anderen Seite.
Wie breit der Ärmel an der Schulter sein wird, gemessen von oben nach unten.
Cuff Width Of Jacket
As measured at the cuff from the top to bottom. Usually, it is tapered down a bit when compared to the shoulder width.
Dies ist der Schlitz an der Basis der Jacke auf beiden Seiten. Messen Sie von oben nach unten.
Gesamthöhe der Hose
As measured from the waist of the pant down to the bottom cuff of the pant.

Cuff Width of Pants
Gemessen von links nach rechts an der Manschettenposition.

Width of Pants at the Waist
Gemessen von links nach rechts oben an der Hose.
Gemessen von links nach rechts am Oberschenkel.
Schritttiefe Höhe
Gemessen von der Oberkante der Hose bis zur gewünschten Schritttiefe.

Best Fit Jiujitsu Gi Measurements

Jetzt können Sie einfach einen BJJ Gi mit vollständig benutzerdefinierten Dimensionsoptionen bestellen

This will allow you to build and design a Gi that is more tailored to your body than what other companies offer today. It will require you to have some measuring tape on hand so that exact measurements can be taken.

Wir werden die von Ihnen bereitgestellten Maße berücksichtigen, indem wir eine ausgeklügelte Größentechnologie verwenden, um sicherzustellen, dass eine perfekte individuelle Gi-Passform entsteht.
We will likely reach out to you once the order is placed with follow-up questions if we have some concerns.

Messung von Ärmel zu Ärmel
Have your arms extended out like an aeroplane. Measure from 2nd Knuckle Across the Back To The Other Second Knuckle.

Gemessen von der UNTEN oder Basis des Kragens bis zum Rockende.

Measure the circumference of your chest, puff out as much as possible.
Messen Sie den Umfang der Taille (Bauch) über dem Bauchnabel.
Messen Sie den Umfang Ihres Bizeps, während er gebeugt ist.
Messen Sie von der Stelle, an der Sie Ihre Hose tragen, bis zum Ansatz Ihres Knöchelknochens.
Messen Sie den Taillenumfang dort, wo Sie die Hose binden.
Messen Sie den Umfang an der dicksten Stelle Ihres Oberschenkels.

Record this by measuring from front to back under your crotch from the location where your pants sit at the waist. Measure loosely using measuring tape as it should not be jammed up into your crotch.

BJJ Gi Body Measurement

Custom BJJ Gi Belt
(Free included in Custom Gi and Custom Top separately)

  • Belt Size: Sizes A0-A6 are available. Choose the right size belt to fit you.
  • Gürtelfarbe: Wählen Sie die Gürtelfarbe.
  • Belt Fabric: Choose the Belt Fabric.
  • Belt Length: The custom belt length option is also available.
  • Belt Width: You may select the desired width of the custom belt.
  • Belt Embroidery: We offer Custom Embroidery on both sides of belts either desired graphics or Texts.

Custom Embroidery

Image Upload: In Custom made embroidery on your Gi, you may upload one of your desired artwork image of simple and about 6 colors design within good resolutions. The vector format of at least 250 DPI is acceptable.

Embroidery Width & Height: you may enter the desired width and height of your artwork within the maximum limit of 10 inches.

Embroidery Location: you may enter the one placement location of your embroidery. Please refer to Picture to do so which may appear on scroll point on Location (word) or click for open in new tab.

Extra Custom Embroideries

If you desired to put extra custom embroideries on your Gi. You may E-mail us at the image file of your artwork with detail of locations and sizes. We will technically examine your requirements and email you the cost and total completion time.
There may be many variables you can choose (Graphics artwork, text, colors, positions, size, quantity, etc.) that the system cannot calculate the final cost before checkout. That’s why charges extra embroideries separately via invoice after we receive your request and calculate the cost.

Delivery Time:

As you place the order, we check and verify the details and send your ordered Gi design goes into our production facility immediately to manufacture.

The estimated delivery time for a CUSTOM-MADE BJJ Kimonos is between 15 to 20 Days.
Extra Custom Embroideries on Gi may take up to 4 to 6 additional days to manufacture. We will email you the completion & shipping estimate time after your order is placed.
Please check and confirm everything carefully before placing Custom made Products.

For any further information contact: