bjj gi features

Shapes Fightwear is developing and designing for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Artists over many years. Its shape, fit and materials result in a BJJ Gi that is very comfortable to train and compete in, without compromising on durability. The attention to detail and finishing touches makes for a stunning design that’s classic in styling with contemporary flair.

Shapes Fightwear give freedom to its customers to choose the options to design classic Gi or eclectic fusions. Customer may combine a variety of stitching and Lapel colours such as white, black, blue, brown, or pink to create vibrant Gi which might even become “fashion Gi”. Quickly customize the Gi Size, colour, Weave, put personal monogram by Direct Embroidery, and many more details make it much-anticipated for our valued customers at affordable price.

Gi Jacket

All jacket weaves is relatively lightweight, weighing 550gsm and 100% Cotton. This allows for movement and comfort. It has the durability of a double weave and can withstand tough wear and tear. The jacket has been sulfurized, Mercerized, Anti-Bacterial and Pre-shrunk treated, ensure minimal to no shrinkage on cold washes. If a small amount of shrinkage is needed it can be achieved by washing and drying on warm heat.

Gi Pants
The pants are made from 100% cotton fabrics. They are extremely lightweight and very easy to movements in yet strong and durable thus will not rip easily. The kneepads are extended all the way to the ankle for extra comfort. The drawstring rope is made of bungee cord that holds tight under pressure but is also easy to untie when you’ve finished training.

Gi Lapel
The EVA foam-filled lapel holds its shape without being overly stiff. The firmness will make it harder for your opponent to grip, perfect if you compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Sweat absorption is minimal which benefits hygiene.

Reinforced Panelling
The Gi construct with reinforced panels provides extra strength where you need it and no extra weight where you don’t.

Contrast Stitching
High-quality contrast stitching with unique colour contrast combinations that accentuate the modern design of the BJJ Gi and the superb quality of the stitching. Learn more Customizations available upon request Contact our production team do discuss customization.

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